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About Optimum Services Incorporated Tulsa OK

Tailored to Unique Needs of Oil and Gas Industry while Serving other Business Sectors

Optimum Services Incorporated (OSI) is a Tulsa-based company offering a complete range of services tailored to the unique needs of the oil and gas explorationist. Founded in 2001 to provide tape transcription and tape editing services, OSI has since expanded to include data management and storage, seismic reprocessing, digitization of seismic sections, maps, and well logs. We now offer a full suite of microfilm and scanning services.

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Data Transcription/Editing and Seismic Data Processing by Experienced Staff

Our staff represents many years' experience in all aspects of geophysical exploration, processing, and data management. We offer comprehensive expertise in applying sophisticated software solutions to a variety of industry needs, while maintaining a keen focus on being uniquely responsive to our clients.

Seismic Data Management and Storage in Facility with 24/7 Climate Control and Security

Housed in a cement and steel facility, we guarantee our clients 24/7 on-site monitored temperature and humidity control, as well as fire detection and suppression systems. Our monitored camera systems, electronic access, and roving patrol provide 24/7 security.

Many of our services can benefit companies outside the oil and gas industry. We proudly service a number of clients in various fields across the business spectrum. Our clients range from major oil companies, to small businesses, to Government Agencies.

Solutions Provided by Optimum Services Incorporated Tulsa OK

Protect your valuable seismic tape resources by transcribing outdated tapes to current formats. Studies show that the old reel tapes are deteriorating. We can convert your bulky and aging tapes to current industry-standard DLT/LTO/disk formats. This will both save your data and reduce the storage space required.

Enhance your staff's productivity by converting bulky paper and film sections into industry-standard SEGY formatted files for loading on your geophysical workstations. We will reproduce each seismic trace to an accurate reconstruction of the seismic line. If you desire, reconstructed data can be further enhanced by applying various processing algorithms and filters.

Increase the accuracy of your geophysical interpretations with full processing of 100 percent or CDP seismic records; 2D and 3D data. The experience of our processing staff averages 30 years. We work closely with your geophysicists to guarantee that we meet your expectations and timelines.

Clarify and pinpoint your seismic locations by letting our experts digitize your shot-point maps into SEGP1 data. Our digitization services can also allow you to obtain well spot locations and to define boundaries of prospects and areas of ownership.

Integrate well data into your workflow with digitized LAS files for selected or complete curves on your paper or tiff well logs. Our staff uses state-of-the-art scanning and digitizing tools to ensure the highest degree of accuracy.

Manage your scattered paper, film, tape, and disk accumulations by letting us organize all of them into a comprehensive database with bar code identification and logical, easy-to-track associations of all related materials. Our trained professionals can also store your data in our climate-controlled, secure facility for timely retrieval as you need them.

We have recently expanded our services to include a full service micrographic group. We provide 16mm and 35mm filming of standard to wide format documents, microfilm processing, and conversion of microfilm to digital format. We also provide scanning of paper and film of various sizes such as X-Rays, MRI's and 35mm slides.

Services Offered by Optimum Services Incorporated Tulsa OK


We perform seismic tape transcription to/from 9-track, 8mm, 3480, 3490E, DLT, LTO, CD, DVD. We can edit tapes to extract subsets, record headers, or other data as needed.

Trace Reconstruction

We convert and reconstruct seismic displays from paper, film, or tiff images to industry-standard SEGY files. We can split or combine line segments, and we can reconstruct damaged, low-quality displays.

Seismic Processing

We offer comprehensive reprocessing of seismic lines in all categories: 100% or CDP records; 2D and 3D data. We choose among a number of in-house processing systems to provide the most accurate results.

Map Digitization

We convert seismic maps from paper, film, or tiff documents to SEGP1 files. We can digitize shot-point maps, prospect maps, well location maps, and others.

Well Log Digitization

We digitize paper or tiff well logs to LAS files. We can digitize only selected curves or all, only selected depth ranges or all. Segments can be combined or split as needed.

Seismic Data Management & Inventory

We specialize in seismic inventory. We organize and barcode each item, establish the relationships among the items, then enter all the information into custom-designed databases.

Seismic Storage

We provide secure storage and retrieval of all types of data under the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions, including off-site storage of computer backups. We offer daily pick-up and delivery within the metro area.

Scanning & Plotting Services

We provide scanning services, we are able to scan documents and film ranging from 2"x2" up to 54" wide and unlimited length in color, grey scale or black and white. Convert your paper or film to digital format. We can output any electronic format such as TIFF, JPEG and PDF to CD, DVD, or external devices, or transmit these files via email. Ask about our scan on demand service! We also offer B&W and color plotting/printing services including wide format plots up to 42" wide and unlimited length.

Micrographic Services

We offer a full range of services including filming documents up to E size drawings, film processing in our State Certified Lab, and creating silver or Diazo duplicate film copies. Output forms include roll 16mm & 35mm film, fiche, aperture cards. These output forms can be scanned to any digital format. We can also print directly from the microform media.

X-ray MRI & other conversion services

X-rays, MRI's, 35mm slides, we can convert these media types to a format that will allow you to access the data that is contained on these non standard media.

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